Blocked Drains? Here’s What to Do!

One of the most common problems that homeowners encounter is blocked drains, it happens in all homes regardless of the size of your property or where you reside. A lot of the time, there are certain signs that your drain is having issues, but many people just ignore them until it is too late. Experts in drain clearance in Bristol always highlight the importance of dealing with minor issues before they snowball into major ones.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, take immediate action before it is too late.

  • Water draining slowly – This is easy to notice in the sink
  • Smell coming from your drains – If you notice a stench, call a professional plumber
  • Raised Water Levels – If your toilet water level rises more than normal, it is probably clogged
  • Funny Sounds – You may hear your drains making a gurgling sound
  • Structural Damage – You’ll notice leaks or discolouration on the ground, walls or ceiling

Resolving the Issue

You can always attempt to unblock a drain by yourself before calling a professional. Most people use the hot water method to dislodge a blocked drain. This can work, but you must be careful with hot water if you’ve PVC pipes.

Baking soda and vinegar is another good home remedy which can dislodge a blocked drain and clear your plumbing.

If you used the two methods mentioned above and plunger isn’t working, it is time to call for reinforcements in the shape of a local drain expert who has experience in the industry.

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