Dealing with Broken Windows Before the Pros Arrive

Most of us have had to deal with a broken window, sometimes you wake up the next day to find a large chip or crack, other times the kids mishit a ball and take out the window. Your first reaction to seeing a broken window is to get it repaired by a professional. Glass replacement in Warwick is done by skilled technicians who have plenty of experience in both commercial and domestic settings.

Your window can get broken by a variety of different causes, some of which include:

  • Fluctuations in the Temperature – Extreme hot and cold temperatures can cause stress fractures in the glass which continue to grow.
  • Impact Breaks – Anything from a stray football to flying debris in strong winds can damage your window.
  • Pressure Cracks – Although less common, pressure cracks do occur in some windows.
  • Burglary Attempt – Windows do get damaged when burglars try to gain access to a property unlawfully.

Before a window repair company arrives, there are steps you can take to secure the window and keep the area safe.

Temporary Solutions

The main thing you want to do with cracked glass is to stop it from spreading. You can apply masking tape to the cracks or fill them in with super glue. If the glass has shattered, carefully remove it using protective gloves and put heavy duty black trash bags on the windows. Tape the bags to the frame of the window with strong tape to ensure they stay on up until the professionals arrive.

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