What to Do with a Burst Water Pipe

The water in your home is delivered in a high-pressure environment, we gives you water on demand, and should the system be compromised with a burst pipe, this could have serious consequences. If you are wondering how to find a plumber in Shepherds Bush, using an online business directory is by far the easiest way to make contact with a local emergency plumber.

If it does happen, do the following:

  1. Shut down the water supply – It is critical that you stop the flow of water as soon as you can, which could be by way of closing a tap near the leak, or turning off the supply at the mains, which is sure to stop the flow.
  2. Call the Emergency Plumber – The Internet will give you a list of local emergency plumbers, and look for one with no call-out charge, as this will save you some money. Expect him to arrive within 15-20 minutes, and quicker if during the day, and he would want some information over the phone.
  3. Clear the Area – Remove carpets or any furniture to give the plumber space to work and easy access. The more you can do, the easier it will be for him, and with all the equipment he has in his van, you can be sure of a quick fix.

It is important not to panic, and once you have stopped the water flow, you can call the emergency plumber. If you are lucky, the damage will be minimal, and your home insurance might cover it.

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